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The proprietors of The Lark Inn Guest Houses are Kris and Pat Larkin.  Originally, Okies from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kris and Pat moved to the Flint Hills after living in southern California for over 20 years. While in California Kris and Pat discovered and developed their gifts of hospitality; preparing and serving meals for literally hundreds of people for numerous events.  They also hosted so many groups at their home over the years that people modified their last name of “Larkin” and began to refer to their home as “The Lark Inn” . . . thus the name was born. ​After selling their property management business in California, they set out on what they termed their “Second Half Discovery Tour” (see their blog: www.PKDiscoveryTour.com).  The purpose of the tour was to travel and experience various parts of the US and discover what they were to do and where they were going to spend the second half of their lives. 

Having been blessed with a successful first half of their lives, now the goal is to do something significant in their second halves . . . from success to significance.  Anyway, with a little help from their friends, they discovered the miracle of The Flint Hills of Kansas and moved there! ​It didn’t take long for Kris and Pat to learn that lodging in The Flint Hills was not plentiful and so they bought their first guest house in Cottonwood Falls.  It stayed consistently rented on a nightly basis all of the summer of 2010.  Later in 2010, they found another property with guesthouse and cooking class potential and in January of 2011, they purchased The Lark Inn on Main, also in Cottonwood Falls.  Unlike the their first guesthouse, The Lark Inn on Main required a full revitalization so they spent the first half of 2011 renovating The Lark Inn on Main for it's opening in June of 2011.

Lark Inn on Main Revitalization

Providentially, the recently renovated property immediately to the north of the Lark Inn on Main was offered to Kris and Pat to purchase.  The sale was completed in late May 2011 creating The Lark Inn at Fox Hollow which began receiving guests immediately. ​In October of 2012 a third guesthouse was purchased; The Lark Inn on Elm. The revitalization activities started right away.  Completed in May of 2013, guests began enjoying this 2 bedroom, 1 bath guesthouse in June.


Since then, owners of other properties have sought Pat & Kris to revitalize their properties and/or build them a new guesthouse from the ground up.  Since those first 3 guesthouses 7 more have come into the Lark Inn stable:  The Lark Inn Cottage on CottonwoodThe Church and Aunt Kate's Cottage.  Taylor Guest House - Strong City and Taylor Historic Guesthouse in Cottonwood Falls, Rancher's Rest and the 1879 Stone House

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