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Private Gourmet Cooking Classes

Three things all of our cooking classes are guaranteed to have... Good Food... Great Food... and Awesome Food!

Perfect for your girls weekend, company get-together or family gathering! You will learn about new foods you've never tried before, as well as great tips for saving time and effort in the kitchen. Learn about gluten vs. gluten-free. And, master the skill of having your whole meal ready at the same time!

*Please note, our cooking class fee is a fully tax-deductible donation for something near and dear to my heart... sewing schools in Kenya, Africa.  I am asking that you pay $75 per person but the check will me made payable to "Crossing Boundaries" (a 501c3 non-profit corporation). 100% of your check will be tax deductible and the money will be used to buy sewing machines and supplies.  It will also fund the monthly expenses for the school.  Feel free to ask me about this Kenyan project... whether or not you are able to participate.  For more details about this school please Click Here.

A minimum of 5 participants to book a class.  We limit class size to a maximum of 8 attendees.

tax-deductible donation*
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Sample Menus...

Christmas Party at the Lark Inn

  • Christmas Salad,
    paired with Sparkling Wine

  • Easy Humus with Tahini,
    paired with Sparkling Wine

  • Brie with Peach Chutney,
    paired with White Wine

  • Creamy Minestrone with Humus,
    paired with Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Balsamic Steak,
    paired with Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Potato Gallette with Caraway & Sweet Onions,
    paired with Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Espresso-Shortbread Brownie Bars, paired with Port


Try ourFree Holiday Recipe...

Swedish Tea Rings for the Holidays!

Swedish Tea Rings have been a tradition in Kris’ family for at least a zillion years that I remember. When we all lived in the Tulsa area, we (mostly the girls) would get together at Kris’ Aunt Judy’s house to bake tea rings. The weather was generally turning from fall to winter; the leaves were all gone from the trees by now and temperatures assured you that Christmas was on its way. Kris and Aunt Judy and Cousin JoQueta and any other aunts or cousins would all come with their contribution to the baking. It was a classic time of family spending time together and the elders of the family speaking truth and wisdom to the younger ones. This was the case whether you were inside with the ladies baking the tea rings or outside with the guys... well... sometimes with the guys you would wonder if it was all truth!
After a full day of fellowship and baking, the bounty would usually be 15 to 20 tea rings. The idea was to give them to other family members and friends. They could stick their tea ring in the oven on Christmas morning so they could get down to the business of seeing what Santa had left rather than worrying about fixing something to eat.