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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Chase County logo overlooking the Kansas prairie

We’ve noticed that our guests choose the Lark Inn Guesthouses because they want one very specific thing . . . options.

Boy, do you love OPTIONS! And, we love giving them to you! Options like the number of rooms and bathrooms, level of comfort, space, styles, amenities, stunning views, and, of course, local happenings.

Recently our local Chamber of Commerce did a major website overhaul at, and it is as gorgeous as it is utilitarian. The Chase County Chamber of Commerce has made sure that every resource is available to our Lark Inn Guesthouses guests, and they have loaded it with events and happenings so that you can make your trip to Chase County, Kansas, incredible.

When you meander around our website,, you will find every detail about our properties so that you can make your most informed decision. In tandem, we also recommend searching on Here you will see dining options, shopping destinations, and local events that will make you fall in love with your stay in Chase County.

Let’s talk about a few of our favorite Chase County pastimes! Like shopping, eating, events, and exploring the beautiful Flint Hills.

Shopping in Chase County is always a joy!

Our artisans, antique dealers, and boutique owners have curated collections of items that you will treasure for generations. Bring home the storied reminders of your time well spent in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

Dining in the Flint Hills is an extraordinary experience!

Our access to quality Kansas beef and a unique pool of talented chefs means you will savor your time here, both literally and figuratively! Our restaurants lend themselves well to reconnecting and creating shared experiences over food that make lifelong memories.

Events in Chase County happen all year long!

From three seasons of concerts in the street alongside the backdrop of the historic Chase County Courthouse to our extraordinary Symphony in the Flint Hills — there is always something happening in and around the Flint Hills. Matfield Green is currently in the midst of a string of summer programs connecting people to the places and crafts of our area and times. While Marion, Kansas, is gleefully preparing for their Arts in the Park event on September 15th & 16th.

Ummm, did we mention that we have rodeos too? Like, the good ones… with delicious food, rodeo queens, bucking broncos, mutton busting, and real-life “ropers”. Our rodeos are pretty much the best!

Time to get outside!

Chase County, Kansas, is “The Heart of the Flint Hills,” and the Flint Hills holds a beauty that we are never quite able to explain in words. Heck, most of the time, pictures fail us too! Getting outside and in touch with nature is easy when you spend your days wandering through the last of the American tallgrass prairie. Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring is easy and fun in the Flint Hills.

Check out our Chase County recreational opportunities here, and build a bond with nature that will feed your soul forever.

These are just our favorite ways to utilize the great things available to us at We encourage you to hop over there now and discover your own. We promise there is so much more to uncover.

The Lark Inn Guesthouses logo

The Lark Inn Guesthouses and Chase County Kansas, a vacationers match made in heaven.

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