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A. “Landlord”: Bluth Company, Inc; Lark Inn Property Management, LLC – Property Manager

B. ”Guest”: As per Credit Card Record  

C. “Premises” 429 Pine Road, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas 66845

D. “Commencement Date” (3:00 PM or later): As per Credit Card Record  

E. “Termination Date” (11:00 AM or Earlier: As per Credit Card Record  

             “Rent”:  $299.00 per night + taxes  

Landlord and Guest agree as follows:


1.1 Guest rents from Landlord and Landlord rents to Guest, the real property and improvements described above at item “C” above; “Premises”.

1.2 The Premises are for the only use as a personal residence by the persons named at item “B” above ONLY.  The number of overnight guests shall not exceed ten (10) persons.

1.3 All Furniture and Personal property is a part of this rental agreement and Guest(s) agrees to leave all said furniture and personal property in same condition.

Guest(s) understand that Check In time is 3:00 PM or Later and Check Out time is 11:00 AM or earlier.

2. RENT: “Rent” shall mean all monetary obligations of Guest to Landlord under the terms of the Agreement, except security deposit.  Guest(s) agree to pay all rent prior to move in.

3. CONDITIONS OF RENTAL:  Guest(s) and Landlord agree to the following conditions of the rental:  It is agreed:

Deposit: A deposit or “Booking Fee” is required to reserve any property.

Cancellation Policy:  Full refund of deposit with cancellation 14 days or more prior to arrival date, no refund will be issued if less than 14 days notice of cancellation is given.

Parking:  Parking will be confined to this property.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed inside the premises.  Should Guest(s) smoke in the Premises they understand that they will be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee and/or be evicted immediately at the sole discretion of the Landlord 

Grilling or Bar-B-Que activities shall not be conducted on the front porch of the premises.

Pets: No pets are allowed in or around the premises for any reason.

Keys:  Guest(s) will be given keys at check in.  It is agreed that Guest will pay $25.00 for any keys not returned at the termination of this tenancy.

Open Flames or Candles: No open flames or burning candles are permitted in the Premises at any time.  THIS INCLUDES NO USE OF THE FIREPLACE.

Behavior:  No loud or other behavior, which may disturb neighbors, is permitted at any time.

Property Cleaning:  Guest(s) agree to clean all dishes and take all trash to the outside container. 

Breech of Agreement: Should Guest(s) fail to uphold any of the above conditions, Guest(s) understands that they may immediately be evicted from the premises at the sole discretion of the landlord or landlord’s agent.



By payment of booking fee or any invoice associated with this property, Guest agrees to rent property per all of the above terms and conditions.

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